Melodies of the Heart

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Melodies of the Heart

  • Genre: Comedy ◊ Romance ◊ Drama ◊ Slice of Life
  • Status: on going
  • Chapter released: 1 – 7
  • Books published: 1 -5
  • Availability: FTB online store, Conventions, Selected Comic book stores

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Rhi Grey is your average teenager, he loves music with a passion, he goes to school, hangs out with friends and works a job at his sisters local cafe, but he has a dangerous secret he’s keeping from his friends and family, which is about to catch up to him very quickly.

And When Lucy Turner, a young blonde writer and her family move back to the town of Chatsford, the two meet by chance, and an awkward start to a relationship begins.

Though Love isn’t always as simple as it seems, as many of the teens of Chatsford are about to find out.