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From the Box at SMASH

So I’m at SMASH this weekend! Which has been a blast so far!

Day one is complete, and cant wait to see you all again tomorrow!

Be sure to drop by and get your serve of Box Comics!

smash promo

FTB website relaunch

Hi guys and welcome to FTB’s new website!

It’s been a lot of work, but the site has had a major overhaul! :)

I’m very happy with its new layout and design, theres still a few more portfolio pieces and series info I need to add, but the bulk of the sites now up and running!

Hope you enjoy having a look around!


Dusting off the site

There hasn’t been much activity on here as of late, but i promise there’s been activity elsewhere ah hah

Please for the meantime check out my works at and for newest art. I’ll be updating the site over the next few days and giving it a bit of a revamp!!

thanks guys!




” Hi there! “


If this is your first time to my site, chances are you’ve either

A) watched my recent show reel on youtube

B) picked up some of my stuff at OFF THE GRID

C) wandered your way here by chance from some corner of the internet

no matter which way you found your way here, thanks for visiting :)


As you can probably see– not all my series have had their pages fully set up yet with info, but i hope for now the teaser icons above are enough to grab your attention.

But please, feel free to browse round the rest of the site, theres plenty to see and read with more content on the way, previous and new, so stay tuned.

Also dont forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you dont miss any new content when its uploaded!

See you round!

Founder of From the Box

New Website

hey there!

From the Box has finally got itself a new (decent) Website, which is currently a big upgrade from the previous site and the deviantart page.

The website is currently a WIP but we hope to bring you a fun and enjoyable site and interface in the weeks and months to come <3

so stay tuned while we keep face lifting this bby.