I’d Rather Date My Laptop

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I’d Rather Date My Laptop

  • Genre: Comedy ◊ Romance ◊  Slice of Life
  • Status: on going
  • Chapters released: 1 -2
  • Books published: [first coming 2015]
  • Availability: FTB online store, Conventions, Selected Comic book stores

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“…I’ve been trying to speak to her all day, Claire Garett….”

Patrick and Claire are very different people, at least as far as Pat can tell…he hasn’t had the chance to speak to her for more then a few seconds.

Even with his attempts and advice from friends offline and online, he hasn’t been able to make any progress to getting to know the mysterious and grumpy blonde who seems more invested with her shows and online world then hanging around for conversation with anyone not on the other side of her laptop screen.

Will he manage to hold at least a decent conversation? or is he going to keep losing signal and end up disconnected the same as everyone else.